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Design powered
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Meet UXPin Merge. The innovative tech powering code-based design.

Bring designers and devs closer than ever!

Scale your design operations

Speed up your product development process with revolutionary Merge technology. From UI designers to UI developers – create consistent interfaces using the same building blocks.

"Our product designs go around 6 times faster than with other tools as we use production-ready UI components."

Erica Rider

Erica Rider

UX Architect and Design Leader

Scale your design operations


Build prototypes that feel like the end product. Get creative with our design tool or start with hundreds of built-in UI elements. Integrate with Storybook or Git repo and use code components straight from your design system, app or website.

Create perfect prototypes right from the beginning
Code components <br> made for designers

Code components
made for designers

Design with the exact same UI code components that devs build the product with. No coding skills required – just drag and drop the elements.

Make your <br> designs accessible

Make your
designs accessible

Design inclusive products in line with WCAG standards. Test your prototypes with built-in features like Contrast Checker and Color Blindness Simulator.

Build with user<br> experience in mind

Build with user
experience in mind

With States, Variables, Conditional Interactions and Auto Layout, your prototypes will perfectly mimic the end product experience, during usability testing.

Keep full consistency with Design Systems

Design at scale with dynamic and reusable design systems – your centralized place with interactive UI components and documentation. Share it easily with your team and ensure consistency across the whole company.

Keep full consistency with Design Systems

"It’s amazing to confidently tell my team that I can validate a design in a few days. I can prototype on Monday, test it Tuesday and Wednesday, and show results on Thursday."

Edward Nguyen
Edward Nguyen
UX Designer

Remote team collaboration
at its finest

Easily share your designs and gather feedback from your team and stakeholders. Communicate seamlessly with developers and save time by reducing the handoff process to the absolute minimum.

Remote team collaboration  <br>at its finest

Choose an easier way to build products together

Get everyone <br>on the same page

Get everyone
on the same page

Wireframe, prototype and ideate together in real time. Work smoothly on Mac, Windows, or in the browser, to support your remote collaboration process.

Collect and provide actionable feedback

Collect and provide actionable feedback

Easily share your designs and ask for feedback. Tag your team members, assign comments, and make sure that you’re all on the same page.

Simplify your<br> handoff process

Simplify your
handoff process

Send your designs to developers with all the specs, code, and automatic redlining. Work with code components and remove the handoff drift completely.

Build with DesignOps in mind

Work with UI code components as a common language and remove the translation drift from when design becomes the product.

Build with DesignOps in mind

UXPin is trusted by design leaders and product teams from top companies.

PayPal finds a prototype is worth a thousand words

PayPal finds a prototype is worth a thousand words

Collaborate effortlessly and scale UX process with UXPin

Adopt agile UX and get rid of silos in enterprise with UXPin

Create prototypes that work just like the end product with UXPin

Prototyping complex interactions is as easy as pie with UXPin

Prototyping complex interactions is as easy as pie with UXPin

Centralize your
design process

Simplify your design tool stack – try UXPin Merge today and release digital products faster.

Centralize your <br> design process
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