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Based in Washington DC, LookThink is a full-service UX agency with clients on multiple systems and platforms.

Focusing on B2B enterprise product design, the agency’s portfolio includes projects for LiveStrong, The College Board, FINRA, and Apptio.

In this customer success story, you’ll hear both sides of the story: the agency side (UX Architect Nate Ginesi) and client side (Babel Health’s CTO Mark Tobias).


For an upcoming project, both Babel Health (a healthcare data management platform) and LookThink needed to adopt a more Agile design process. Current processes posed several problems:

Confusing annotated wireframes
Confusing annotated wireframing before using UXPin.
Nate Ginesi

“When clients are focusing on under­standing wireframe annotations, they’re not focusing on the business problems you’ve solved for them. Not to mention, our email chains were out of control.”

Nate Ginesi, UX Architect


LookThink used UXPin as a collaborative design platform to align the team to a clear “definition of done”.

Annotated prototypes created in UXPin
To minimize documentation, LookThink now creates annotated prototypes in UXPin.

“After considerable research, we chose UXPin because the collaborative and interaction design capabilities were ahead of competitors. The platform has a simple interface with much stronger interactions than something that just stitches screens together. We get more usable feedback.”

Nate Ginesi, UX Architect

“The interactions in UXPin help everyone understand how to move from A to B to D, and what happens if you skip C. It’s great at creating conditional prototypes to evaluate different states that developers must consider. As a result, we proceed with lighter documentation in user stories.”

Mark Tobias, CTO & Co-founder at


LookThink and Babel Health successfully launched an MVP thanks to a more lightweight Agile design process:

Nate Ginesi

"Before UXPin, getting everyone aligned on with static wireframes could sometimes add weeks to the effort. Once I introduced UXPin and was able to demonstrate a vision for the experience, I could get approval in a matter of days."

Nate Ginesi, UX Architect
Mark Tobias

“With UXPin, we’re no longer following lengthy upfront sprints with detailed specs and handovers. Nate and his team builds future states into UXPin. We can then see what’s coming down the line as we evaluate and test features with customers. We’re able to support a fully Agile product development methodology moving us towards MVP much faster.”

Mark Tobias, CTO & Co-founder at

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